5 More Christmas Horror Shorts to Watch Now

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, when snowmen turn homicidal and terrorize the town the red. Santa Claus stalks your children and threatens them with punishment. The quiet neighbor finally snaps and unleashes an anti-Christmas hell fury upon the carolers. Sigh. It’s simply magical. Here are some shorts that capture the essence of the season, the pure evil spirit that resonates with every jingle of a bell.


A woman is awoken in the middle of the night by mysterious ringing bells. This snappy short runs around 2 mins and the anticipation kicks in right away.


Brought to you by The Installments, this is a particularly eerie take on St. Nick. A young boy has nightmares about Santa Claus on Christmas Eve and starts to notice a change in his parents’ behavior.


It’s time to start pulling out the decorations…but what’s pulling back? This is only 1:30 and it’s completely successful at telling a story and giving a scare.


The new boyfriend gets to attend his girlfriend’s annual Friendsmas party that wasn’t quite what he had shopped for. I don’t often see stabs at white elephant exchanges, so this was a genuine, demented treat.



Rounding out the list is this charming short about another festive get-together. Think Evil Dead meets Christmas Eve.


As always, be sure to give a ‘like’ to these filmmakers if you enjoyed their gift of shorts. Don’t be an Ebeneezer– share and support.


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