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Casting Couch (2019) Horror Short Review

SiniSisters’ first horror-comedy short of 2019 narrows in on the corruption of Hollywood with campy humor and wit.

Summary: Since the dawn of Hollywood, an evil being has lurked in the shadows, feeding off the insecurities of auditioning actors and actresses. It has grown stronger over the decades, consuming hopes and dreams with reckless abandon. But in 2019, has it finally met its match? Two hopeful actresses finally meet the infamous Casting Couch. As the audition goes on, the more their dream of stardom plummets. 


Directed by Matt Thiesen and Justin Lee, written by and starring Milly Sanders, and featuring Jessee Foudray, Sinisisters once again achieves their mission statement of providing sharp horror comedy shorts for the Youtube masses. The chemistry between Sanders and Foudray is an undoubted key in their success and when paired with clearly expressed narratives, their shorts end up being entertaining, fun, and downright memorable.

Their newest, Casting Couch, is a big old “fuck you” to the corruption in the acting world. The two leads pose as potential victims, the director as the “blameless and indirect” cog in the machine, and the couch is a freakish monster that feeds on naked flesh. Sounds familiar, right? The message is clear and not at all subtle but it really shouldn’t be.

There’s a sickly quality of sadness to Casting Couch. Sure, it’s a literal couch that eats people but somehow that pales in comparison to the real horror stories we hear about this industry devouring people’s lives in a fashion that’s somehow more devastating. The great thing about this short is that there’s some light at the end of the tunnel for those who fell victim to the industry in the form of an ending that reflects the hope we have that our current culture will sincerely change its act around.

I’ll always back SiniSisters Productions because they have yet to create a short that hasn’t left me with something to think about. If you enjoyed Casting Couch, click here to give it a Like and to sniff around their page for more of their work.



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