Haunted by Deadlines is a horror blog that contains book reviews (both new and old), film reviews (both good and bad), think pieces on the genre and the subjects within it. Every now and then, it may or may not feature interviews or shameless plugs.

Although film is included, I like to think the emphasis is on horror and thriller fiction. I don’t see too many websites promoting books or short stories; only the latest action figure, million dollar budget Friday night flick, or news containing something related to horror. While this is all good and necessary to appease us fiends, it loses touch with the birth of horror, which can be easily attributed to literature and the tireless writers who create it.

It’s created and ran by Ahlissa Eichhorn, who you can stalk on social media most readily. She’s what you think a nerdy horror fan would be, except cooler and less nerdy. Honest.

Sponsored content will be either heavily flagged for your knowledge or turned down. The opinions expressed are purely the creator’s own and are fucking awesome.



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