5 Christmas Horror Shorts to Watch Right Now

It’s the holiday season and you’re a horror fan. You’ve got priorities, right? But if you’re too busy hanging up belles to watch Silent Night, Deadly Night or you can’t seem to get away from the phone to tune into Black Christmas, these holiday horror shorts have you covered. Take one in while wrapping gifts for your Gremlins and if you enjoy them, be sure to let the filmmakers know by shooting them a like. Be a good fan and spread a little Christmas Evil.


Milk & Cookies (2:35) by Graham Denman

The People Under The Stairs actor Sean Whalen stars as a divorced dad trying his best to convince his bratty daughter to leave Santa’s cookies alone. Sharp, funny, and so encompassing of the hellish holiday spirit.

Christmas Cookies (2:39) by Ferry Kaupisch

Everybody has a hard on for Krampus and that’s completely okay with me. In this short, Krampus and Kris Kringle cross paths on the most important night of the year to the delight of one Betty Crocker.

Fear of the Deer (1:46) by Steve Cutts
Rudolph gets his revenge in this animated faux-trailer by master Steve Cutts. Clever, dark, and irresistible to sing along with.

Christmas Horror Claymation (2:06) by Trent Shy
Acting as an advertisement for the Beauty of Horror: Ghosts of Christmas Coloring Book, this musical gore fest delivers all of the red stuff you’ve been deprived of in other holiday horror features. Hell, it may be the most inclusive holiday horror thing ever.

Last Christmas (6:00) by Oliver Kember

Running a tad longer than the rest, Last Christmas revolves around a robber and a young girl bargaining on Christmas Eve. More of a black comedy than outright horror, and what it lacks in startling visuals, it makes up for tenfold with its performances, succinct story, and painfully cheeky conclusion.


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