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Review: Born Again (2016) Horror Short

Directed by Jason Tostevin and written by Randall Greenland and Tostevin, this micro-short successfully summons laughs and a nice twist on the Satanic cult bit within mere minutes.

Premiering on Short of the Week today (10/30), the dark comedy is just a few serious cult members trying to summon Satan and their fellow cult-y Greg who fucks up the vibe big time.

Greg (Randall Greenland) is the blantant comedic element of the story but he wasn’t alone. As an outsider looking in, viewing grown adults donning plastic party masks and huddling around candles to raise their dark lord was funny enough but the addition of Greg completely befuddling the atmosphere of the ceremony and not taking or grasping the whole “dark and brooding Lucifer-loving” schtick at all really heightens the ludicrous nature of it all.

In turn, the earnest grunting and screaming of the “vessel” countered the lightheartedness – as well as the gnarly birthing scene. The attention to detail really makes or breaks SFX and this utterly minuscule glimpse tops the gore of some features that are sitting on your shelves right now. Watch the damn thing to see for yourself.

I love religious themes in horror, especially when bred with comedy. It pokes fun and forces you to view a different side. The twist in this short is so simple that it’s genius; read more into and you’ll have a full blown religious debate to carry on into your family’s Thanksgiving dinner. If the conclusion of Born Again doesn’t make you laugh or offends you, you either pray too much or have sacrificed one too many goats.


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