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Review: It Came from the Multiplex: 80s Midnight Chillers (2020)

The nostalgia is strong with this one.

It Came From the Mutiplex: 80s Midnight Chillers is an anthology of short stories that are set in a movie theater in the 1980s. Specific, much? There are 14 stories from authors Betty Rocksteady, Warren Hammond, Dayton Ward & Kevin Dilmore, Angie Hodapp, Alvaro Zinos-Amaro, Keith Ferrell, Orrin Grey, K. Nicole Davis, Gary Jonas, Mario Acevedo, Sean Eads & Joshua Viola, Steve Rasnic Tem, Stephen Graham Jones, and Kevin J. Anderson.

The most noticeable thing about this collection was the amount of detail in each theater. I think every author really wrote about their childhood or teen years and placed whatever dollar-a-pop, sticky floored cinema they tromped through years ago. That element added levity, despite the dark subject matters some of them focused on.

Some of the stories felt similar compared side to side. Whether it was a similar antagonist or the general gist of the whole thing, it felt stuck on repeat at times. There’s a range of (how to put this?) “cinema-themed” monsters to appeal to every generation of movie goers, like the Atomic Age of creature features and the Satanic Panic, but that range was populated by the majority of the authors. A few of the shorts suffered from weak endings, which is a shame considering the time spent developing such full bodied settings. The final short story also didn’t sit well with me, as it took place on a movie set and not a theater. Why break the theme and the consistency? I would have loved to seen more female authors on the roster, as well.

Alright, onto the good stuff. This anthology was FUN! I’ve encountered all sorts of horror fans and the majority of them love the films of the genre more than anything. Reading about horror movies/movie-themed horror was like getting the best of both worlds. I enjoyed the premise of the collection and those who seek out 80s homage horror will definitely like it. Book worms can devour this in a day with a slim page count. This is my first book from Hex Publishers & I’ll be keeping an eye out for more of their creative titles down the road.

IT CAME FROM THE MULTIPLEX: 80s MIDNIGHT CHILLERS will be available for purchase on September 15th, 2020. You can order this directly from Hex Publishers by clicking HERE.

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