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Review: Burnt Fur: Twisted Tails of Horror (2020) Book

Published on April 1st by Blood Bound Books, this hardcore horror anthology invokes man’s best friends and everything in between to show you just how diabolical they can be.

First and foremost, nobody told me this book was HORNY. The bookends of the collection are completely non-sexual and poignant and emotional…then shit gets real raunchy. It tricks you! I think there should be an erotica sticker slapped on this bad boy because jfc, there’s some things in here I can’t unread. Content is explicit, trigger pulling, and for the love of God, don’t let your kid who wants to be a veterinarian read this.

With that being said, this was a really good collection of smut! I wasn’t expecting it, nor in the “mindset” to read filthy stuff but hey, I can say I’m psychologically impacted after the experience (For the worse? For the better? Who knows!). This isn’t your average kink type of stuff either. Don’t forget the title and its meaning. EVERY STORY revolves around animals. Yup. I’m 100% sure I’m repulsed by animals even more after reading this collection.

Putting the sexy stuff aside, these stories are exceptionally written. The language is bright and exploratory. The mix of US and UK authors churned out so much personality and life. That dynamic factor added more fizz to these already creative tales. From the selection of animals to the angles the authors chose to play with them (ew), the amount of uncharted territory in the collection was vast.

There was honestly only one short in here that I didn’t “click” with language-wise but still, I can definitely attest to the author’s ability to describe setting and use dialogue to move the exposition. As a whole, this was one of the strongest anthologies I’ve read, but theme-wise, I don’t think it was properly balanced. When you have mostly highly erotic stories with a few non-sexual shorts sprinkled in, it just feels like a mistake in selection. The horror element in the collection was loud and proud, though. Genre fans will find a menagerie of all sorts of sickening stuff in here. Seriously, you have to read it to believe it.

Burnt Fur isn’t your vanilla, “bed me in a flower garden” type of erotica or tromping through-the-camp-ground type horror. This is disturbing territory and it gregariously invites you to get weird. I recommend it to those in search of intense horror or those with a particular flavor preference that their local ice cream parlor can’t provide. But please, don’t get hung up on that. If you compartmentalize these components of extreme violence and extreme sex, you’ll undoubtedly be shown “love to hate” characters, exciting scenarios, and mastery of giving human voices to animals.

Burnt Fur is now available in ebook and paperback. You can purchase it here.

For more information on this and Blood Bound Books other titles, visit their website.

2 thoughts on “Review: Burnt Fur: Twisted Tails of Horror (2020) Book

  1. Woof… Glad I read your review, because it is not for me. Haha! 🙂 (I am that kid who still wants to be a veterinarian.) Great review though, I am thankful for it.


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