Instagram Challenges

Wolf Winter (2014) #25DaysofCreepmas

This is the closest thing to “non” horror on this list. We’ll call it a historical thriller mystery with….a murder. That’s horrific right? Set in the 1700s, a family moves in order to start anew. Unfortunately, they’re soon faced with the grisly business of a dead neighbor, one that was supposedly attacked by wolves. The disinterest exhibited by the other settlers sets off feelings of suspicion and opens their eyes to the strangeness around them. The goal of this story is to make it to spring, just like me. Luckily for me, it’s in the 50s right now and I’m not facing a “wolf winter’ anytime soon. There’s so many atmospheric reads set in winter out there, not just horror, and I think this one teeters the border well. If you lean more towards thrillers and true crime, here’s a storm to get buried in (20/25).

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