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Bah! Humbug! An Anthology of Christmas Horror Stories (2016) #25DaysofCreepmas

Whenever I see Matt Shaw’s name, I know things are going to get hardcore. He’s gathered his band of merry misdoers for this extreme Christmas themed horror anthology that warmly benefits charity. A lot of these stories blow past the usual villain of Santa and ventures into pretty fun, pretty morbid territory. Not all horror collections are created equal and I’ve omitted a few from this list simply because they were more “meh” than “yeaaaah” but this one delivers through and through. Some aren’t shoving the holiday down your throat and are more “environmentally” Christmasy and that’s okay with me. My favorite Christmas movie takes place during Christmas and isn’t necessarily about the festivities. Also, there’s some poems in this bitch! Wrath James White and Terry West dished out their talents for a different platform of horror. So, if you’re bored with the usual stabby-stab of Yuletide terrors, give this ghoulish book a look (19/25).

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