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Snowblind (2014) #25DaysofCreepmas

It’s been years since the blizzard pummeled the town of Coventry but it still haunts the community. They didn’t just lose their roads for a couple days or electricity- they lost loved ones in the snow itself. Supernatural, rugged, and character-heavy, Snowblind has a grasp on the traditional but a desire to modernize the ghost story. I find myself more attracted to “unnatural” sources of fright in nature horror rather than just a mega-storm wiping out a few people because of the weight of the snow. This story has shit in it the characters can’t explain, which makes it all the more intriguing. There’s some highs and lows but this guarantees a white-out reading experience. The idea of something hiding in the swirling snow is a strong enough creep factor to keep me inside. And hey, Stephen King liked it (18/25).

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