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The Terror (2007) #25DaysofCreepmas

This fatty is what we call an odyssey. An icy, grisly odyssey. You may have watched the AMC series this is based off of (I haven’t, yet), so you have an idea what this arctic novel entails. Frankenstein and The Thing aren’t the only ones that can chisel out a frozen horror tale. The Terror is a story of survival, in every sense of the word, from a variety of threats. There’s a lot of debate whether or not this is supernatural or historical or both. I say to hell with it and just read it. Who cares? If it gets your literary rocks off, indulge. If you’re not into a butt ton of details or descriptive passages, you may want to settle down with your 300 pg. paperback. Yes, it is long but if you can swallow King with no issues, then this will be no different.I don’t even want to think about how I’d fair in the arctic, suffering from scurvy and trying to keep all my toes. This tale will make you cold, no matter where you read (14/25).

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