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The 12 Days of Terror (2017) #25DaysofCreepmas

There’s only 12 days until Christmas and here’s the first 12 Days of Christmas collection I’ve seen. Excuse me, 12 terrors. Written by Claudette Melanson, with a bonus story by Lynn Lamb, this anthology features those iconic figures of the horror holidays we’ve all come to love. Santa Claws, mischievous elves, homicidal maniacs, and the like are brought to life with these classic, simultaneously unique takes from one vampire-loving lady of horror fiction.  It’s solid all the way through, each segment supporting it’s own weight, and there’s some slight intertwining going on. I get high off of Santa-gone-bad story lines, and despite the heaping mounds of movies and books out there depicting such a character, I never get tired of it. I’m throwing this one into the St. Nick mix with relish and cheer (13/25).

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