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Krampus: Shadow of St. Nicholas (2015) #25DaysofCreepmas

Much like Trick ‘r Treat, one small town is victim to a night of insane, lethal shenanigans in this graphic novel from Michael Dougherty and friends. In lieu of orange crusaders, we have Krampus and his band of fucked up Christmas toys showering the wicked with much needed punishment. The ensemble of stories includes themes of revenge, compassion, sacrifice, and overcoming the worst parts of yourself. I thoroughly enjoy wrap-around style anthologies and this one delivered ten fold. I was concerned for a minute because each segment ended so abruptly and tragically but it all came together at the end. This GN shed a more positive light on Krampus, in comparison to the film, which I kind of liked. I wasn’t a fan of all of the artwork but shit, I’m here for the words. Definitely for lovers of anthologies, straight up Christmas horror, & Krampus! (10/25).

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