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30 Days of Night (2002) #25DaysofCreepmas

I feel like 30 Days of Night is often overlooked when it comes to winter horror/holiday horror. It’s the epitome of seasonal depression come on. 30 days of NIGHT? Fuck. I’m already feeling that grind at home. It’s impossible to fully wake up when it’s overcast every gd day. This graphic novel may have the snow that I hate but it’s crawling with the supernatural creatures I so love. What makes this stand out to me is that the vampires are actual creatures- horrible, guttural, ruthless beasts. There’s no reasoning with them, there’s no bargaining. It’s kill or be absolutely decimated. The backdrop of rural, freezing Alaska is the icing on the cake (hehe, icing). It goes without saying that the artwork is gore-geous as well. Your blood will be pumping as you venture into the wilderness of crimson snow and survival instinct overload. The movie is equally gnarly and vicious. Oogling at Josh Hartnett isn’t half bad, either. (9/25).

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