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Mistletoe (2019) #25DaysofCreepmas

Alone in a big, empty house by a smoldering fire is probably one of the most haunting feelings. Mistletoe imitates it perfectly. And you bet your sweet ass this is another Gothic, Neo-Victorian ghost story. Suffering from grief, a widow purchases a new home in time for snow fall and finds herself tormented by beings she can’t see and mysteries she’s forced to solve. Books like these are hard to put down because things just keep HAPPENING and then it’s midnight and you have to work the next day and you’re exhausted.  Or in my case, it’s past 9:30 and you’re overjoyed you can even stay awake that long anymore. Read it on a winter night, if it ever decides to snow, and prepare to be saddened and uplifted all at once. Thank you Quercus Books for this lovely hardback (7/25).

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