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Twelve Nights at Rotter House (2019) #31DaysofHalloween

Haunted houses6 are essential to the Halloween season. Not the $20 a pop haunted attractions off every highway, but the straight up haunted-as-fuck houses you drive by and get chills from. Such a house exists in this brand spanking new novel, which was also featured in the October issue of Fangoria. Haunted houses ARE Halloween to me and the book is filled with all the proper elements to call it a horror-Halloweenish story. This was so much fun to read ( read it in October for spookier results). You’ll be cheesing from the horror movie references throughout and clutching the covers from the insane, ghostly adventure the protagonist gets into. The long horrid history of Rotter House is every haunted house/asylum/forest/abandoned tunnel enthusiast’s wet dream. It’s hard to go wrong with this ghoulish baby- out TODAY. [29/31].

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