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Carnival (1989) #31DaysofSpookyBooks

Carnivals are inherently creepy to me. I don’t know if that’s a Bradbury thing or a byproduct of too much Pennywise exposure. The worn carnies, the caged animals, the obvious effort to lure in children…yeesh. This 1989 paperback isn’t going to make you lose any sleep or blow your mind. However, it’s like watching a shitty slasher movie that you love anyways because of the premise and bizarre going-ons. There’s freaks (so many freaks), hallucinations, and SATAN (kinda). This reads more like a pulp tinged with horror but if you snag a copy, read it with the intent on visiting a brand new evil carnival story with a great build up. And that cool ass cover art….mmm. [28/31].

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