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The Exorcist (1971) #31DaysofSpookyBooks

Some of you prefer the more “extreme” side to Halloween and I’m totally behind that. This landmark in horror is a great choice if you’re wanting some shock value and a feeling of unease without going full blown x-rated. It’s like a classy sort of fucked up, right? I’m confident most of you have seen the film and know the story, so actually reading the source material is going to widen your eyes even further. It’s filthy, clever, funny, perverse and all the things I aspire to be. Blatty is a bad ass, through and through, and his novel is legendary for a reason. He narrates the audio book and it’s stone cold stellar. (There’s a Christopher Lee version, too! But beware, you’ll never look at Saruman the same.) Skip the Disney Channel Halloween Special this year and indulge in something heavier. (21/31).

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