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Collected Halloween Horror Shorts (2017) #31DaysofHalloween

I’ll admit that there could have been a catchier title for this BUT the lack of a zippy name doesn’t take away from what’s inside. Never judge a book by its cover or its title (though I have been guilty of both). This is a newer collection (2017) that I recently discovered and enjoyed thoroughly. There’s 16 shorts in total with a few names you’re sure to recognize. One of them is Lisa Morton, who is a Halloween expert and takes this shit very, very seriously. It’s hard to come by horror fiction (novels, specifically) that’s tailored to the holiday. While there are plenty of books that appease the soul of the season, there should definitely be more Halloween horror– and here it is. The collection is a kaleidoscope of scare styles and voices suitable for the big 3-1. (20/31)

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