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The Remaking (2019) #31DaysofSpookyBooks

This was one of my picks for the October issue of Fangoria because it’s beyond stellar. The Remaking is a fusion of urban legend (based off a RL place’s tragedy), horror cinema/culture, and classic ghost story. It was remarkable to read a piece of fiction that was set in a world that I’m very familiar with and still manage to be excited about it. I recommend this to those out there who prefer to watch a scary movie rather than read one simply because the pacing and the visuals are just as engrossing as your precious slasher flicks. It’s spooky and sad and riveting. It just came out this month, so give it a go! Preferred reading setting is a fake-fog filled cemetery with lots of cool lighting and a subtle eerie soundtrack [Full review is in the Oct. 2019 issue of Fangoria] [18/31].

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