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Poe: Stories and Poems #31DaysofSpookyBooks

What can I say that hasn’t already been said? The man was a straight up genius. Not only did he become the final word in macabre, but he practically put short stories on the map and helped make the detective-mystery genre the hot shit that it is today. He was my biggest influence growing up, as I started out with poetry and went onto shorts (probably explains my fondness for anthologies and a good twist). I read and obsessed and read some more. He phrased feelings and thoughts with an almost sickly honesty and that was brand new to me. I could blab on and on. I personally feel Poe is appropriate reading for anytime of the year. Seeing as how I’m ridiculously biased, any collection featuring both poems and shorts will do nicely for those looking for a madness-tinged Halloween. Fill your snifter up with some brandy, smoke if you got ’em, and take them all in on a stormy night. This graphic novel contains the big names housed with gorgeous illustrations. (16/31).

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