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BOO (2019) Short Film Review

Being seven years sober, a traumatic event forces a recovering addict, Devi, to face her demons without her worried fiancé uncovering the truth in the newest short film from Cyclamen Films.

Starring and directed/written by Rakefet Abergel, the jill-of-all-trades has demonstrated her skills working behind the camera and yet another effortless portrayal on screen, particularly in horror. She switches from victim to fiend with a shadow of expression and completely sells the transformation in BOO, a serious yet punchy expression of addiction. Breaking habits and battling demons makes for a great story but it has to be really sold to make an impact on an audience. The character of Devi clearly cherished her sobriety and therefore viewers felt her fear when it was being threatened and the devastation of losing grip of it. The supernatural component chosen to reflect the overall theme pairs well and only aides in nailing down the story. It holds a small but solid cast of individuals hyper-aware of the story they’re telling, and they get the job done eloquently without being too hasty.

Speaking of, BOO gathered together quite a band, ranging from NBC’s Midnight, Texas, Josh Kelly and Parisa Fitz-Henley, and Showtime’s Shameless, Laura Slade Wiggins to Michael Villar from the Oscar winning Live Action Short film, Skin. The set design is convincing and the actors look like real people- the short is a scene from any given night in a big, loud city. This would make for a strong addition to any supernatural horror anthology or even one dealing with vices. If you’re a regular festival goer, keep your eyes peeled for Abergel’s name on the bill. This may be her directorial debut but she’s certainly keen on the business of film making and the intricacies that go into it.


The cast and crew of BOO are proud to have been comprised of more than 50% women, saying that they “strongly support more women in film and more women in horror, and BOO is our contribution!”

For more info visit and follow Cyclamen Films to stay updated on screenings and releases.

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