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Our Final Halloween (2018) Comic Review

It’s Halloween night in 1984 and five kids wake up in an abandoned house. Unaware of why or how they got there, the blood they’re covered in is the least of their worries when they read the writing on the wall and see the hellish portal in the floor.

Our Final Halloween is a thirty-five-page horror mystery one-shot with nods to the likes of HP Lovecraft and John Carpenter.

Those nods are pretty strong, as the inspiration for the story is crystal clear. Although it’s Halloween only by name, it does deliver a lot of the goods for horror fans. Our Final Halloween is basically a shrunken version of really fun, gory romp flick. The five characters have chiseled personas and are excellent representatives for what real people actually look like. Their banter is amusing and the dialogue makes sense for the situations that arise at the page turn. Props to a true horror ending that nails the story coffin perfectly shut.


It goes without saying that the illustrations are rad as hell. I’m not an avid comic reader but the artwork stands out for me because it doesn’t adhere to the traditional “look.” The heavy usage of the primary colors just makes the whole shebang pop and is very reminiscent of Giallo lighting. There’s also an essay discussing seasonal horror included, so you get entertainment and education at the same time.


The Kickstarter campaign for Our Final Halloween launched on October 1st and ends on the 30th. The folks behind its creation are super close to reaching their goal- so if you dig what you’ve seen so far, help ’em out! Visit the Kickstarter page HERE for all the info on how you can help, who was involved, etc. etc.





This was a requested review. If you’d like your work personally scrutinized, see the About page.


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