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Trick ‘r Treat: Days of the Dead (2015) Graphic Novel Review

Serving as a miniature sized sequel to the 2007 cult film Trick ‘r Treat, this graphic novel satisfies the thirst for more gory tales with the spirit of Halloween himself.

Days of the Dead contains four stories set on Halloween night. ‘Seed’ is for fans of witch lore and fantastical monstrosities and it’s brought to life by artist Fiona Staples. ‘Corn Maiden’ by Stephen Byrne is one hell of a revenge story. ‘Echoes’ is rough and noir, courtesy of Stuart Sayger, and ‘Monster Mash’ is for the kid in us horror fans. These stories are in order of historical setting, from earliest to present day. By doing so, it also aides in telling Sam’s tale throughout the centuries and his significance to different walks of life.

I especially enjoyed ‘Monster Mash.’ It was surprisingly touching, despite the devastation within it. That ending though- it’ll leave a jack o’ lantern sized grin on your face. The illustrations by ZID are vivid enough to be still shots from an actual film. Lovely stuff right here.

This was relatively short, even by graphic novel standards. A lot more budget friendly for the creators as well. These stories would have been amazing to see on the big screen, but at least they’re available for fans of the film. Actually, some of them are similar to movies already out there (‘Seed’ has a Hansel and Gretel/Season of the Witch type vibe.) Sam groupies will rejoice, too. He was stuck in every single story, in an “Hey! It’s Sam!” kind of way.

This can be easily read in a day (more like a lunch break or two) and is a great scare supplement if you don’t have time to indulge in an entire movie or eerie novel. Definitely a must for any Trick ‘r Treat fans in the haunted house.

Writers include Michael Dougherty, Todd Casey, Zach Shields, and Marc Andreyko.

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