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Review: Cult of Chucky (2017)

Fresh onto VOD and Netflix, the latest installment of the Child’s Play series is certified fun for the whole horror family. 

First and foremost, if you’re not a fan of the first Child’s Play or Bride of Chucky, you’d best skip over this and save the festivities for those of us who live for that Dourif laugh and the wisecracks he can get in at every chance. Cult of Chucky captured the essence of what drew me to be a Chucky lover in the first place; potty mouthed, hysterical vicious killer dolls who kill for the lust of it all. It was a nice reprieve to be effortlessly coxed into laughing without it being an awkward “so bad, it’s funny” line.

The story line was a bit stuffy at times; in other words, there was too much shit going on or shit that you didn’t get 100% right away. Some of the acting was “meh” at times (or during the whole thing, whatever). This isn’t a masterful piece of cinematic gold by any means; don’t come sniffing around for something that’s terrifying or edgy. The atmosphere and color scheme of the film was obviously clinical and sterile but it worked SO well for this one. The vibe was nightmarish and it really did make you feel like a crazy person with all the white walls and the muted grays and shadow play. The “twist” of the movie helped build the paranoia that the other Child’s Play movies failed to deliver on as well.

The other patients in the asylum had interesting roles to play in the scheme and they were equally engaging as our lead, which is nice to not have to rely so heavily on her (even though she’s super strong and held her own through this and Curse of Chucky). The token J-Tilly cameo is always much appreciated and is the undeniable cherry on top of these gems.

The special effects weren’t (for the majority) CGI and that’s all you really need to know. Practical for the win! The R version on Netflix had plenty of stompins’ and stabbins’ for my tastes, so if you’re viewing the unrated version, hold onto your hats. I only had issues with one or two scenes, and they weren’t directly related to the effect, just the execution or its functionality.

Without giving up the ghost, I’d like to applaud the sheer irony and sentiment of the ending. It was a unique way to come full circle with Charles Lee Ray’s journey and Brad Dourif’s as the voice of Chucky.

Also, that tagline? How fucking cheeky. Chucky definitely came up with that one.


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