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Little Evil (2017) Review

Blending ‘The Omen’ and ‘Stepmom’ together would probably give you Little Evil; a cute little diddy about the trials of parenthood, bonding, and fighting Satanic cults off. 

Gary (Adam Scott) marries the woman of his dreams (Evangeline Lilly) and struggles to connect with her weird, grumpy looking kid, Lucas. Of course, one thing leads to another until Gary finally has enough and dubs him the Antichrist. Of course, he’s right and then must pay for what he said and save the world and his marriage, with a little help from his rowdy gang of fellow stepdads.

In all honesty, it was a fucking cute movie. If you’re a stepparent or have remarried with children, you’ll without a doubt get a kick of out this. For those of you who are childless, you can sympathize or laugh, thanks to Bridgett Everett, who plays Al. Her performance of a total dude-bro stepdad is excessive but hilarious. There are a couple more familiar comedian faces thrown in there that will also warrant a smile or a down right laughing fit (the drawer speech during therapy- watch it). It gets all touchy-feeling with the talks of marriage and being a dad and all that shit in between but that’s really the broth of the movie.

I noticed quite a few horror references throughout, other than the apparent Omen vibe (Lucas= Damien, hat and all.) Some names stuck out and the other little touches helped sell the idea that parenthood and horror movies are basically the same thing. Other than that, the scares were next to none but the creepy kid vibe worked and didn’t make it a total bust.

There’s a cornucopia (it’s autumn time now, I can say it) of fun characters and lots of lovey messages throughout Little Evil, a Netflix exclusive directed by a horror lover, Eli Craig (Zombieland, Dale and Tucker vs Evil), who just wanted to make a rom-com with a dash of spooks to it. I give him props. I would say watch it with the kids but there’s some language and near-children sacrifices in it. Better just view it without them and enjoy the visuals.

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