Horrorhound Weekend’s Film Fest Lineup

Horrorhound Weekend: Indianapolis is proud to announce its 10th anniversary lineup for the ‘At the Movies’ Film Fest, fast approaching this September 8th-10th at the Marriott Indianapolis East. Films include classics, first debuts, and short films that exemplifies what it means to be a part of the horror genre. For a full lineup and details about one of the countries BIGGEST horror conventions, read on.¬†

Thanks for making these handy dandy photo schedules guys!

Review for It Stains the Sands Red here.







For more information about the film fest, please visit Horrorhound’s Official Website. There, you can get guest information, schedules of events, and ticket prices. Be sure to like them on Facebook, as other fans post and give out very appreciated info as well.

This year’s convention will feature reunions of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Lost Boys, The Goonies, Bates Motel, The Strangers, and Friday the 13th: Part Two, as well as their designated panels. Here’s a direct link to ALL the guests that will be attending: GUESTS.

As is tradition, Maskfest will also be hosted. This is the one spot in the mid-west where all the SFX artists and companies bring their amazing work for you to oogle and purchase. Talk with the artists, examine the gear, and make out like a bandit!



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