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Dark Hall Press Ghost Anthology (2013) Review

A collection of short stories revolving around the subject of ghosts, which are brought to “life” with imaginative spins and subtly tweaked classics. 

Authors include:  Gordon Clemmons, Glenn James, Victoria Dalpe, Margaret Whittock, Morgan Crooks, Darin Kennedy, John McIlveen, Jacob Lambert, Marie Robinson, and Tim Bayliss.

The Nitty Gritty: The Ghost Anthology by Dark Hall Press brought together a lot of  class act writers and obvious fans of the genre. It’s a quick, painless read too. There’s 10 stories in total and the total reading time clocks in around 2ish hours; it’s perfect for a dark and gloomy night indoors or waiting for the tow truck to come when your car breaks down. I won’t review each story individually, as I believe they were curated individually in order to be presented as one cohesive chunk of fiction, although some of the stories do waver from the norm and they will be touched upon.

I felt the very first short by Gordon Clemmons was one of the strongest out of the bunch. It wasn’t a conventional ghost story, as it connected outside genres and offered an alternative definition of ghost, but it was also calmly profound. ‘Again and Again’ was seemingly more science fiction and action than it was horror but the element of ghosts was still kept scary in a fun and different way. Jacob Lambert’s story read to me as both a personification of guilt and a literal consumption by it; it was punchy, gory, and definitive. The others ranged from wonderfully spooky haunted houses and legends come to life, to classic chills and thrills of spectral encounters. Some may feel similar to one another but I think it’s just the nature of the beast when dabbling in Gothic horror and “tales of woe.”

Long Story Short (Too Late): The Ghost Anthology is for any fan of spirits and their scary tales. It’s a great opportunity to discover authors and their unique voices in a pint size serving as well, as I’m sure you’ll be looking for more once you finish up their stories. It was an excellently executed anthology, as the contributors and the stories were strong and it offers readers a new insight on what ghosts are, and can be,  in the literary world. 

To purchase ‘Dark Hall Press Ghost Anthology’, click the picture.


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