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Hell Baby (2013) Review

Blending together New Orleans lore, Rosemary’s Baby, and classic haunted house antics, Hell Baby will having you swearing and laughing the whole god damned time.

Jack and Vanessa are parents of twins to-be who buy the Maison de Sang or House of Blood in New Orleans in order to flip it. Soon they discover the house’s malicious nature and the devilish goings-ons there. All in a hysterical, cheeky manner, of course.

This is what Scary Movie 3-5 SHOULD have been. It brought back a comedic method of simplicity and the notion that less really is more. I haven’t laughed this much at any comedy, parody, or bad horror movie in a very long time. And blessed be, it didn’t follow the awkward humor trend of saying things that aren’t funny in an attempt to be funny. Jordan Peele stars as the lovable, homeless kinda Cajun neighbor, along side co-director Thomas Lennon and other comedians you’ll hopefully recognize (Ian Black, I love you).

Believe me, I recognize the fact that this could have been a disastrous flop full of sex gags, unnecessary pop culture references, and pathetic special effects. Something saved it though. Maybe it was…the writing. Gasp, I know- such a revelation. It’s that little, kinda crucial element to any story that makes it, well,  a decent story.  That aside, there are elements of horror that will have you grinning. Think blood. And maybe a nasty looking corpse lady or two. It’s so much better than those run of the mill spoofs you see on literally every new(ish) horror flick. Don’t let the ratings fool you; it’s worthy of a watch. Then again, humor is a fickle thing for many people and this could be the dumbest shit you’ve ever seen. It’s a hell of a lot better than other horror parodies (looking at you, Stan Helsing).

This was a nice surprise I found on Shudder and it reels you in right from the start and gets the laughs going. Highly recommend if you’re looking for a non-Comedy Central Peele or a adequate dose of horror meets funny.


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