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Hush (2016) Review


Brace yourself for a fun and infuriating ride. Hush tackles everyday fears & struggles and amplifies them to the extreme. Giving you concentrated suspense and moments of audience outcry, this is a thriller you just have to endure. 

Starring co-writer Kate Siegal, Mike Flanagan’s (Oculus) Hush is simply a real-life terror tale involving a solitary writer who is tormented by a homicidal intruder, a maniacal man who leaves her no other options but to die by his hands. His biggest advantage? The fact that she can’t hear him, for Maddie (Siegal) is deaf.

Hush will truly piss you off at moments and make you feel totally helpless the next- you really do get a sense of what the heroine is feeling but only in small doses. Certain horror cliches do apply but hey, we can’t have a movie without humans making really fucking dumb choices. There are plenty of “ohhhh shit” moments (x10000) and chills to send you to bed with paranoia.


‘Oh shit’ moment #3

This is great movie to watch with friends, as you’ll all be shouting at the TV and fighting over the blankets too, as the film milks out the suspense to the point of looking away in terror. The amount of dread it creates is heavy and thick. The hopelessness of Maddie makes you feel a tinge of pity for her but you’ll be feeling more like a coach encouraging a struggling athlete during the final game of the year.  The action is appropriately paced and it isn’t lacking in practicality. There are no slow moments here, so good luck trying  to pause and take bathroom breaks. Overall,  Gallagher and Siegal create the greatest cat and mouse duo I’ve seen awhile and gives viewers a valid reason to not take their sense of hearing for granted.

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