Best St. Patrick’s Day Themed Horror Movies



Even if you’re not Irish, you love to celebrate this decadently green and intoxicating, fun holiday. There’s green dyed everything, red hair is finally cool, and the Drop Kick Murphys blare from every passing car. What else could possibly make St. Paddy’s Day the best? St. Paddy’s Day horror movies, duh. Here are a few gold nuggets to tide you over until the next horror-tinged holiday comes bouncing around. 


Red Clover (2012)

Directed by Drew Daywalt, this TV movie shines a rainbow light on a young woman who accidentally releases a homicidal leprechaun while “hunting.” In turn, this somehow brings back memories from her town’s troubled past. This After Dark feature also stars the dastardly Billy Zane. Oscar worthy? Fuck no. Worth a go? Hell yeah.

The Eternal/Trance (1998)

Directed by Michael Almereyda and starring Christopher Walken, (yay!) this four leafed clover takes a fun ride with an Irish-American alcoholic couple across the pond to visit their crazy uncle who happens to be summoning a Druid witch. Interesting. I’ll probably watch it. After zee beer.

Grabbers (2012)

Directed by John Wright, this creature feature takes place on an island off the coast of the Emerald Isle and shit goes down when bloodsucking aliens invade. The few, surly survivors must drink and maintain their ale in order to stay alive. It’s got booze, awesome accents, and aliens? Count me in, ol’ biddy.

Leprechaun (1993)

Directed by Mark Jones. This movie is legendary. We’ve got the brilliant Warwick Davis playing the most mischievous and sadistic little bastard in Irish history and Jennifer Aniston repping in her very first feature. The Irish jokes and gags are deadpan but the leprechaun does manage to creep you the fuck out. The first one is a must see, while the 15 other prequels, sequels, and double trilogies are up for a passing. Unless you want to go back to da hood…


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