Anticipated Horror Movies of 2016

Hey y’all and happy new year! Fingers crossed for 2016’s horror mill to churn out some good, new scares. Here’s a quick list of the films I’m looking forward to the most, as well as the one’s I’m not so excited about. 


Set in 1630s New England, THE WITCH promises black magic, witchcraft, and possession. Hell yeah. Comes out late February.

CONJURING 2: The Enfield Poltergeist

James Wan is my homeboy and I’m more than excited to see him back in the director’s chair. I’m a big fan of both The Conjuring and the first two installments of Insidious, so my hopes are high for this one. Coming at ya June 10th.


The 3rd movie in the Ring triology is finally coming at us. Samara is back in black and water-soaked clothes. Oh and Leonard from Big Bang Theory is leading. Hmmmm. Releasing on April 1st.


Doll movies are right up my alley. This one has an interesting concept and if we’re lucky, we’ll be spoiled with a decently creepy redemption-for-bad-doll-movies runner up. Comes out January 22nd.

“I’ll Pass Movies”


I’m tired  of hearing about identical twins who can feel what the other is feeling. I’ve seen in tons of movies, television shows, and books. I’m over it.


The book was a clever marketing ploy but nothing else. Why do we need another zombie movie? WHY? I know Cersei from GOT is in it, but hey, even she needs some extra income.


Do we really need a third one? Really? We get it. We understand what the purge is and why it’s “a dark and unsavory outlook on humans and the potential future.” Yadda yadda. You should have kept Ethan Hawke on board.


4 thoughts on “Anticipated Horror Movies of 2016

  1. After seeing its trailer The Witch is easily at the top of my list also. I also have my eye on The Conjuring 2, The Boy and The Forest.


  2. Thanks for this list! I’m super-excited about a lot of these. I think the Witch will be fantastic, and I hear it’s already won some awards. Although, I must say, I’m more intrigued by the Forest than you. I think the concept of a suicide forest is terrifying!


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