Sinister 2: The Pros and Cons of a Sequel

Scott Derickson’s 2012 release, ‘Sinister,’ still brings in mixed reviews, ranging from “instant horror classic to a pathetic attempt to gather some quick cash and cheap scares.” It was guaranteed to gain some attention due to its talented lead actor, Ethan Hawke. Hawke portrayed a successful crime author that sensed a dwindling in his career and decided to pack up and move his family into a house where the former residents were murdered, unbeknownst to his own family. After the discovery of disturbing footage found in the attic, Hawke’s character consumes himself with trying to solve these strange murders, only to discover the murderer is that of mythology and known by his children as, “Mr. Boogie.”

A lot of the criticism for the film revolves around the “jump” scare tactics, such as a loud noise or the sudden appearance of someone. Yet, other horror films such as ‘Insidious’ and ‘The Conjuring’ were very well received and they implemented the same tactic. I really don’t know the differences between the films in terms of scares but I think the idea of a scary movie is to scare you, and making you jump and catching you off guard would technically be scaring you, correct? The film didn’t rely on gore or shocking content, it relied on the extremely basic concept of “what you aren’t expecting will surprise you.” While it does have a few flaws, it didn’t make any new mistakes in this genre. For example, if there’s too much exposure of the antagonist, the audience isn’t scared any more. If there’s not enough exposure, the audience feels cheated. It’s a delicate line but I do not think the director was too far of from it.

However, I do have concerns with a sequel, for a few reasons:

2012 to 2015: Too large of a gap.

I particularly dislike sequels in general. They never live up to the expectations or feelings you felt during the first film. I really dislike sequels made years later. I feel as if the public have moved on from the franchise and have un-familiarized themselves with it, disregarding it as a “one time winner” or a movie that needs to be forgotten. Many people say, “Another one? I thought they were done with that.” My thought process focuses in on the idea that leave it alone, it was good and doesn’t need to be outdone, especially if the ending was resolved.

Same name, different people and story.

This is probably the reason why I hate sequels, because there’s a 50/50 chance that it will relate nothing to the first film or it will continue the story but with a different lead actor. Gag. With this sequel, it’s the former. Shannyn Sossamon will play the lead in this one, as the mother of two twin boys who move into the previously mentioned house. Will it be the same situation as the first? Who knows. Will be as good as the first one? I certainly hope so. There’s also a different director, so this could go entirely 180. 

But on the plus side…

It’s a summer release!

We have a horror movie release in August 2015, something to tide us over while we anxiously await the many, many releases in October.

It has the potential to form another strong horror franchise.

I’ve been liking this continuance of horror films in recent years, but ONLY if they’re good. I don’t like sequels simply for the risk they’ll be terrible and shame the original film but once in a blue moon, there will be two solid films. ‘The Conjuring’ is working on a sequel, fingers crossed its good. Personally, ‘Insidious’ rocked in terms of continuance. I have both, I watch both because both are great, together or stand alone. Maybe Sinister will crack its knuckles and get down to serious sequel business.


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