Love Bites: Awesome Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Horror Fan

Because not all florists carry black roses. Because Walmart doesn’t have chocolate eyeballs in stock all year ’round. Because your girlfriend hates pink and purple and white and every-color-that-isn’t pitch black or darker. Or maybe she does like pink but with an edge. Because saying “I love you” isn’t as strong as saying “I love you more than Jason loves killing teenagers.”

This list has been updated for 2021.


These killer valentines from Ghost Girl Greetings are both cute and threatening. You can get the entire set sent to you by a woman owned business. They also have wrapping paper and a jam packed gift box in this same theme.

These double print sweatshirts are unisex and just scream “HALLOWEEN.” Because let’s face it, Valentine’s Day really should be a second Halloween. These are available from Coffin Cart Clothing.

Looking for unique and affordable taxidermy? Check out Meagan Richards on Etsy. Her blue bee series just oozes decadence with her ornate frames and designs. She also has original horror artwork available. You can view it here.

Chances are you’re with a witch. Why not get them an eyeshadow palette that says so? Wicked Sisters Cosmetics releases film themed palettes regularly, including A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Lost Boys, and Sleepy Hollow.

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