Love Bites: Awesome Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Horror Fan

Because not all florists carry black roses. Because Walmart doesn’t have chocolate eyeballs in stock all year ’round. Because your girlfriend hates pink and purple and white and every-color-that-isn’t pitch black or darker. Because saying “I love you” isn’t as strong as saying “I love you more than Jason loves killing teenagers.”

I’m easily pleased when it comes to receiving presents. I’m an appreciative receiver, so to speak. I say thank you and pretend to like it, even if I don’t. So when I get stuff I actually love, it’s both a joy and relief. For example, there’s no way I can re-gift all the weird, macabre shit I get. My friends and boyfriend just know me too well. Chances are, there are more people like me out there than I’d like to admit and they would probably appreciate these creepy goodies just as much as me.

Enjoy and try not to drool.

moth necklace  Jewelry skull earringsrib necklace

ouija Lingerie

spider pantieslatex


caramels      dysfunctiontincandy eyeballs

All items can be found on Etsy or the internet. Duh.

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