Halloween Traditions Anyone Can Have Fun With

I like to think of Halloween as the kick off to the holiday season or like a prerequisite for the Thanksgiving food fest or the gift giving frenzy of Christmas. Even though Halloween is especially unique in its style, it does call for certain traditions, both with family and friends. So to avoid all of the rat races and monetary woes of the holiday season, put some time into these fun traditions that are definitely more carefree.

1.) Carving pumpkins

Instead of driving to your local supercenter to pick out some huge, perfect pumpkin out of a cardboard box and then driving home, make finding the pumpkin the best part of the task. Ask around about local patches or individuals who sell them themselves. Most pumpkin patches offer good prices and lots of variety. They may even have more to do there, like hayrides, apple picking, or have homemade items to purchase. Who doesn’t love freshly made cider? If you have kids, they’d be all over this. If you and your friends are into the same stuff (most of the time), why not have a little get together, say a pumpkin carving party? Get some snacks, put on a scary movie, and gather your supplies. You could even have a little contest on who has the best jack o’ lantern. The best part of the pumpkin carving experience, sans playing in the guts? Seeing it lit up at night on your porch. Uber cool.

2.) Trick or Treating

If you’re not a kid or a super short, child like adult, then you’ve probably been done with trick or treating for awhile now. This does not mean you have to miss out on the fun though! Borrow a kid, preferably one you know, and take them to collect candy. Give out the candy yourself but dress up and interact with the kids. Oh, and don’t buy the cheapest candy in the store either. You were a kid once, you know what you like. Participate in a trunk or treat event, or help out the needy and donate some candy. It’s inexpensive, delicious, and hell, it always puts a smile on my face.

3.) Horror Movie Marathons

AMC, ABC, and online horror platforms always, ALWAYS have some sort of movie marathon running during October. Now is the time to binge watch, my friends. Make it a goal to view so many Halloween movies this month, even if it is stuff like Casper or Charlie Brown’s Great Pumpkin. These movies are 9/10 times better than the cheesy, stuffy crap they play in December, with the exception of Elf. That movie rocks. This also gives you an excuse to get friends together to carve stuff..hint hint.

4.) Haunted Houses

This is a must. Attend at least one haunted attraction this time of the year. It’s literally the last time you’ll go outside willingly until April. Go to Hauntworld.com and look up your state to find thee best attractions near you. If this definitely isn’t your cup of tea, try going on a tour of a supposedly haunted place, like a historical building or a dead famous person’s house. Same amount of creeps, less shock.

The greatest part about Halloween? You don’t have to be yourself. Be brave, be fun, and be young again.

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